100 Ways To Make Money Online Right Now

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100-WAYS-MAKE-MONEY-FROM-HOMEIn the last 6 years, I’ve earned over £300,000 working mainly online, from home. Before that, I did whatever I could to try and make it in the corporate world.

But I was desperately unhappy and wishing I could find a way to make money online to pay my bills while working from home.

Fast forward a few years and I figured out that earning money online was not only possible but the best thing I could ever do. I just wish I’d known sooner!

Most of us wish we could spend more time at home and earn money online.

The problem is, most of us have no idea where to start, or how to sort the legitimate opportunities from the scams.

What you NEED is a way to find out, easily, quickly, and in a way that lets you start making money right away.

100+ Ways To Make Money Online and From Home

I’ve put together a list below of over 100 legitimate ways you can start to make money online and make money from home.

Everything is here for you, all you need is a computer or smartphone and internet access! Because some of these methods are part of the same type of work, I’ve organised them together for you in sections.

I recommend getting your notebook and a pen and making some notes as we go along.

100+ Ways to Make MOney Online & From Home


I wrote a whole step-by-step guide on How To Start a Blog here. To summarise:

Try to pick a niche (special interest topic) that is popular and that you’re genuinely passionate about.

Blogging isn’t a get rich quick scheme, and there’s a lot to learn, but with hard work you could surpass even your wildest income dreams and definitely make money blogging.

I credit everything I know about blogging to the AMAZING Billionaire Blog Club. The Club is only open for enrolment once per year, but you can take the free 12-day Blogging Bootcamp at any time!

Some ways you can make money blogging are:

  • Guest Posts
  • Featured Posts
  • Affiliate links
  • Adverts
  • Sponsored posts
  • E-books
  • Courses

Guest Posts 

Charge other bloggers to guest post on your popular blog. You might choose to write these yourself to make sure the content fits in with your usual ‘voice’ and to make sure it adds value to your audience.

Featured Posts 

Get paid to showcase certain guest posts on your blog for higher fees.

Banner Adverts 

Charge brands to place an advert on your site. You’ll need to do the legwork yourself to find businesses who want to advertise with you, but if you have a high traffic website they may start coming to you direct.


Sign up for Google Adsense and get paid every time someone clicks on an ad on your website. You need very high traffic to really make this worthwhile. Along with other forms of passive income though it requires very little effort on your part so set it up and enjoy the small extra money that comes in every once in a while.

Membership Site 

If you have a blog or sell e-courses and other training, you could turn your business into a membership site.

Sell monthly and yearly subscriptions so members can access all your training in one place. You can do this easily with the WordPress plugin Memberpress.

Hold Webinars 

Help your following learn something new and develop their skills through paid webinars. It’s not overnight income, but if you give away a lot of valuable free content first, people will be queuing up to pay for your expertise later on.


100 Ways to Make Money Online & From Home

Affiliate Marketing

Many of your favourite stores have affiliate programs – place their links in your own blog posts, social media posts, or via word of mouth. When someone clicks through and buys, you receive a share of the money.

These networks make it easy to make money with affiliate marketing.


Sign up for an affiliate marketing network like ShareaSale and get access to hundreds of affiliate programs all in one place.


An affiliate network with a difference, VigLink automatically adds affiliate links to relevant information in your content. They take a percentage of your affiliate commission for doing this, but it completely cuts out the time you need to spend signing up for individual affiliate programs. Easy peasy!

100+ Ways to Make Money Online & From Home

Selling Your Own Products & Services

If you can write, create, make, bake, or otherwise have something of your own to sell, you can sell it! Here are some ways to monetise your expertise or creation.

Open an Online Shop

Start your own Shopify store online and sell anything you want easily. There are simple step by step instructions to get you going and the platform is really easy to use. You can also sell through Ebay and Etsy.

Launch a product

Fancy yourself as a bit of a designer or creator? Easily get your design onto t-shirts, coffee mugs, or phone cases and then let companies like Zazzle handle the production, delivery, and admin for you.

Facebook Selling Groups

Facebook selling groups are a great way to get make money online for your old stuff. Unlike Etsy and Ebay, there are no fees!


Got an eye for gems among the rubble? Pick up bargains and re-sell them for profit on Ebay, Amazon, or Facebook. You can even list items and then buy the product and have the seller deliver it directly to YOUR buyer. Genius!

Sell Your Stuff on Ebay

Ebay gives you 20 free listings per month to sell anything you want. If you have a good eye for bargains you could even pick up other people’s items and re-sell them for profit!

Sell Your Creations

Etsy is a great place to sell your handmade items and services.

Network Marketing

Some network marketing opportunities are tried and true, others are less than savoury. You’ve probably heard of Forever Living, Juice Plus, Younique, Herbalife, Avon etc?

I won’t link to them as personally, I don’t think they’re the best or easiest ways to make money. But you CAN make some extra cash from them, particularly if you have a large network.

Sell Photos

Sign up with Dreamstime stock photography website and make money selling your pictures. Don’t get me wrong, it’s unlikely you’ll make a ton unless you’re a decent photographer, but this is an extra money-making avenue.

Sell Printables

Use Adobe Indesign or free programs like Canva to create gorgeous printable planners, worksheets, and wall quotes. You can make a great side income by selling these on eBay, Etsy, and elsewhere.

Teach an Online Course

Share your expertise through running an e-course on a platform like Teachable.

Cakes & Bakes

Sell your homemade cakes and other goodies. Market yourself well on social media with gorgeous pictures and you’ll have mouths watering!

From experience, I can tell you that vegan cakes and delicacies are particularly in demand (just tell me first when you start selling them as I’ll be your first custie)

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is very popular because unlike with regular selling, you don’t handle any of the inventory. You can list items for sale on ebay or through your own online store, and when someone buys you send the order to your drop-shipping company who handle everything for you for a % of the sale.

Once you are set up with a drop shipping company, use Shopify to build your online shop. It’s easy to use and you can sell anything through them. Get your Shopify free 14-day trial here.

Cash In Old Tech

Sell your old phones and ipads to MusicMagpie or Mazuma mobile for fast cash online.

100+ Ways to Make Money Online & From Home


Sick of working 9-5 selling your labour for someone else’s gain? Try freelancing instead. From doing small tasks other people would rather not do, to helping them in epic ways only you can, there is always a market for your skills.

Here are some ideas to kick off your freelancing career or side gig.

Upsell Your Services

Got a service to offer? List your basic job on at a rate of $5 and then add on additional cost services like faster delivery, revisions, and other ‘extras’. You can offer anything you wish so long as it’s within the t&cs.


If you’re a quick typer transcription could be a good way to make a little extra cash on the side. You can list your services on Fiverr or PeoplePerHour.

Life Coaching

Promote yourself as a Life Coach with your own website and help support people with whatever they need to learn.

Be a Mentor

Websites like Clarity let you set your rates and provide your services as a mentor to new business startups.

Virtual Assistant

A VA acts as a personal assistant or secretary and performs services like data entry, social media management, research, answering emails, and other admin.

You can list your VA services on Freelance sites like Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, and Upwork.

Marketing Consultancy

Do you have marketing experience? If so, why not offer your services as a marketing consultant. Help businesses devise marketing strategies, get a project off the ground, and make changes and improvements.

App Development

Have you got the next big smartphone app idea? Work with a developer to make your project a reality. Apps are massive right now.

Admin & Customer Support 

Lots of companies hire remote workers for admin tasks and customer support like answering phones. You’ll need a computer, phone, and internet access.

Do Someone’s Taxes 

Small business owners often outsource their tax admin. You can advertise your services through freelance sites and word of mouth.

Voice Over Artist

Fancy having your voice in a film, tv show, video game, or answerphone message? Get paid to be a voice-over actor on Fiverr, and industry-specific sites like VoiceBunny.

Social Media Management 

A social media manager looks after social media accounts for others. From setting up accounts, to scheduling posts and planning advertising campaigns.

I manage the Pinterest and Instagram of a few businesses with the help of scheduling services like  Tailwind It’s great fun and can be very lucrative.

100+ Ways to Make Money Online & From Home

Paid Surveys

Survey sites are an easy way to make money online from home. They are free to join and a fun way to pass the time. Sign up for as many as possible to maximise the number of surveys you are able to take.


As well as surveys, Swagbucks pays you to watch videos, sign up to websites, trial products too. Payment threshold £5 via Paypal or Giftcards.

Prolific Academic

Well paid surveys on interesting topics like Psychology. They pay via Paypal with a £5 payment threshold.


Global company that offers surveys on a regular basis. Low payment threshold with payment via paypal.


Get paid for taking surveys, testing products, and keeping notes about your experience. Low threshold for payment of just £3 via PayPal or gift cards.


Previously known as Ipsos, this is one of the best paying survey sites although they only pay out in vouchers.Crowdology – Another great paying survey site with a low payout threshold of just £4.


Lots of short surveys to make extra cash online with. £3 bonus just for signing up!

Pinecone Research

Reliable and well paying (approx £3 per survey), but they are hard to get into. Look for their banners on the sidebar of popular forums like Mumsnet etc. They are especially great as you can cash out at just £3!

Clix Sense

Rather than joining up for a whole bunch of individual survey sites, You can join Clix Sense. They have joined up with many other online survey sites like Toluna, Opinion World, and YourSurveys.

Panel Place

Like Clix Sense Panel Place are a network of survey sites, with over 400 registered including Toluna, Valued Opinions, and Global Test Market.

100+ Way to Make Money Online & From Home

Matched Betting

No risk matched betting (UK only) is a fast and fun way to make money online. Profit Accumulator is a huge and brilliant site that walks you through exactly what to do. They have a free trial here to get you started.

And the best part is that with matched betting you can legally earn up to £3,000 per month completely tax-free!

Start your free trial here.

100+ Ways to Make mOney Online & From Home

Other Ways To Make Extra Money

There are so many wonderful ways to Make Extra Money! It can become a bit of an addition once you start to see the money adding up. I recommend picking one or two methods that make you the most cash for the least effort. Here are a few more options.


Known as ‘comping’, many people turn this into a regular money-making hobby. There’s a whole section dedicated to it on MoneySavingExpert which I highly recommend reading.

Mystery Shopping

Visit your favourite shops, pubs, and restaurants and get paid! I’ve used mystery shopping for years to earn cash on the side and often get groceries and goodies completely free.

GFK Mystery Shopping

Write an E-Book

E-books are ridiculously popular right now. You don’t need to be a brilliant fiction author either – people love how to’s and personal stories. You can use Amazon’s Kindle Publishing to get started and make money writing.

Crafting and Sewing

Are you good with a needle? Sell your sewing, knitting, crafting, and crochet on Etsy. You can also sell patterns and ‘how to’ guides.

House Sitting

House sitting is a fun and easy way to earn extra money. Although not online you can advertise through social media and local facebook groups.

Review Music

Review music tracks, singers, bands, and related products on Slice The Pie and get paid online for your opinion.

Renting Out a Room

Many people are looking for a room to rent, particularly if your property is near good amenities or a popular tourist spot. If you have a lot of space you could even rent out a van or bell tent in your garden/land!

Airbnb are a great place to advertise your room to rent for extra money.

Rent Out The Driveway

As above, people are always looking for somewhere to park regularly that is safe and affordable. If you live near the city or an airport you could be quids in!

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

You can tie this in with house sitting- owners like to leave their precious pets in good hands while they go away. Love dogs? Offer your services as a dog walker. Charge per dog, per walk and this can quickly add up to a nice side income.

TV & Film Extra

Register with agencies that cast TV and Film extras. You could be in the next big blockbuster. Such fun! Extra People, Ray Knight Casting, Casting Collective are agencies I have worked with.

Answer Questions and Get Paid

Get paid to answer questions sent in via text message to companies like AQA63336. They take a % of your set rates and pay the remainder to you monthly.

Become A YouTube Influencer

Fancy yourself as a YouTube star? Even accounts with relatively small followings can make money on youtube through the Adsense program.

Think about what sort of videos you could make that will be popular. How to’s, product reviews, and travel videos are always popular.

Teach English

English as a second language tutors are always in demand and often you offer your tutoring online either freelance or through an agency. VIPKids is an agency where you can make money teaching online.

Start an Agency

Selling your time for money becomes harder with the more clients and jobs you amass. You can quickly scale a cleaning, dog walking, Virtual Assistant, Tutoring, or other freelance venture into an agency by hiring other freelancers.

Pay them yourself, or take a % of their earnings for referring them to clients.

Got something to add to this list? I love finding out new ways of making extra money online and off. Tell me in the comments below how you make money online and from home.

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