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13 Best Super Simple Ways To Make Money From Home

by wellzenlife

Make Money From Home 13 Simple WaysWould you like to make money from home right now?

Join the club! We all need a little extra cash now and then and short of raiding the back of the sofa, it can feel li,e an uphill struggle to make ends meet.

I wouldn’t want to be a job seeker in today’s job market, that’s for sure. When I finally left the corporate world to work from home as my own boss, things were already getting tough.

It seemed like everywhere I looked companies were expecting first class graduates for entry-level jobs like telesales and admin.

Fast forward six years and the market is more competitive now than it’s ever been!

Add in the extra costs of childcare and some parents can end up feeling locked out of the job market altogether.

What if I told you there IS a way to make extra money simply and quickly? You just need some one to guide you through the pitfalls and show you how to get started.

The 13 Best Ways to Make Money From Home

Fortunately, there ARE quite a few legitimate work from home jobs now to help you earn extra cash on the side. I’ve tried nearly all of them (some with more success than others), and I often get asked by friends and family for advice.

People mostly want to know how they can make extra money online, or perhaps just earn an extra £50 per week to supplement their income. If you’re a single parent or stay at home mom/ dad struggling to get by this little bit extra can make such a difference.

Here I want to introduce you to 13 easy ways to make extra money from home that anyone can do!

Make Money From Home 13 Easy WaysSometimes we all want to earn a little extra cash. Perhaps you need some money for a holiday, or to pay off debt (don’t we all). You can’t go wrong with a bit of extra money in your pocket.. and even better if it’s a lot!

Some of these side hustles can be a great way to make anywhere from £100 – £1,000 per month or more depending how much time you have to dedicate to it.

1. Online Surveys

Online surveys can bring you a little extra money every month, sometimes up to £100 or more depending on how much time you have available. Plus you can get lots of freebies and save money on purchases you were planning to make anyway, such as a meal out.

It’s not going to make you rich overnight, but with some companies paying £3 per survey for 10 – 15 minutes work it’s not to be sniffed at.

Some companies I have used include Swagbucks, Toluna, and Pinecone Research (look for sidebar ads on popular sites for invite links as they are notoriously hard to get into).

2. Mystery Shopping

Companies I have completed assignments with include GKF, GrassRoots, and Tern Consultancy, each of them paid on time with no problems whatsoever. Assignments ranged from £6 – £100 compensation, costs covered, or vouchers.

Similarly to paid surveys, you can expect to earn between £30 – £100 per month on average, plus there’s the added advantage of visiting some pretty cool places and getting freebies to boot!

3. Open an Online Store

Do you have a skill to offer people or something to sell? Crafty people everywhere are capitalising on their pretty planner designs, gifts for the home, t-shirt designs, and just about everything else you can think of!

I am in the process of building an online shop with Shopify as we speak, and the process could not be easier.

They handle everything for you, all you need to do is add your items and a description then deliver a great, quality product that people love. Another great online platform with tons of inbuilt traffic is Etsy.

4. Start a Monthly Subscription Box

Another amazing thing you can do with Shopify is to start a subscription box service. Sub boxes as they’re often referred to are one of the fastest growing trends right now and add up to a $5 BILLION dollar industry!

There are boxes for everything you can think of, from doggie treats, to beauty, men’s shaving gear, and even socks!

There are some fascinating case studies such as Dollar Shave Club and Birchbox, or my favourite The Vegan Kind that will give you all the inspiration you ever need to set up and make money with subscription boxes.

5. Blogging

A few years ago I would have laughed if you told me people make money blogging. But right now, as with some of the other options on this list like sub boxes, blogs are SO hot! There are tons of ways to make money, from adverts, to affiliate marketing, to sponsored posts, and selling your own branded e-books and courses.

It takes a lot of time and dedication and some savvy social media know-how to make the big bucks (and that’s something I plan to cover in more depth soon). But while blogging isn’t a get rich quick scheme, it makes a really fun side hustle that can certainly earn you some extra money every month.

You will need web hosting first and foremost – Bluehost are excellent and you can also get your new domain name through them. If you want to make money blogging then going self-hosted is not something you should scrimp on.

You will see that hosting costs as little as $3.95 per month with Bluehost. Luckily blogging has one of the lowest start-up costs in almost any business area.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Making extra money with affiliate marketing is as simple as recommending products and services to friends and family or on your blog and social media. I work with two great affiliate marketing networks Shareasale and Paidonresults both of which have some great companies under their umbrella including Moonpig, Asda, Nike and more.

You earn commission on purchases your friends make through your unique links. You don’t need a blog to do this, but having one and using social media to drive traffic as well can really ramp up your earnings.

7. Be a TV Extra

One of the most fun things I ever did was being an extra. I have been in a Bollywood film (for all but 2 seconds, but still!), a period drama, a famous soap, and a series of adverts with Paddy McGuinness!

I won’t lie, it’s not always as glamorous as it appears; the days are long and castings are few and far between unless you have a unique skill or look.

But hands down it wins on the cool factor! Plus you can earn anywhere from £60 – £80 per day on average, increasing to much more than that if you manage to score a speaking part.

Be very, very careful which TV extra agencies you approach as there are a lot of scams out there. I have worked with Extra People and Universal Extras.

8. Become a Voice-Over Actor

Next to being a TV extra I would say that voice-over acting is the most fun thing I’ve ever done. I only started recently and am working on getting a proper home studio set up so that I can make this more than just a part-time passion.

A good starter recording microphone like the BlueYeti is all you really need to get started.

You can search for voice work on the freelance sites mentioned below, or advertise your voice over services through your own site or blog.

9. Appen Butler Hill/ Leapforce

I have been with Appen since I left my office job to work from home and can recommend them wholeheartedly. They recently took over similar online company Leapforce. They offer work from home positions with titles such as search engine evaluator, translator, and social media evaluator.

You will be an independent contractor, which means you are responsible for arranging and paying your own taxes. Projects with Appen may last for a few months, or they may be shorter ‘crowdsourcing’ tasks. Usually, you can work from 5 – 20 hours per week, and set your own hours, so this is the perfect part-time work-from-home job.

I usually work the full 20 hours per week when available, and earn around £1,000 per month. The work can sometimes be inconsistent so if you are looking for reliable income, do not bank on this as your only source extra income.

10. Freelance Work

Freelance sales and admin is where I got my start working from home six years ago. I used PeoplePerHour to find jobs and advertise my services. There are now other platforms too like Upwork and Freelancer.

These are great places to find opportunities in everything from copywriting, translation, admin, web design, online tutoring and whatever you could think of.

You can apply for jobs you see listed and fill out your profile, skills, and rates so that employers can also find you direct. If you’re savvy you can also make a nice chunk of money on the side from posting your ‘gigs’ on Fiverr and upselling add-on services.

11. No Risk Matched Betting

Unbelievably many people STILL haven’t heard of this. Lots of people have made a lot of money quickly through matched betting, and it’s not as complicated as it may seem.

The idea is quite simple – make a bet for something with one bookie, then make a bet against the same thing with another bookie, taking advantage of the free deals always on offer to new customers from the bookies to make your next bet. Easy right?

The great thing about making money from matched betting is it’s totally legal, tax free, and risk free, just about anyone can do it. I’m in my third month of matched betting as we speak and so far I’ve made close to £500!

Profit Accumulator makes everything SO easy, like step-by-step hold your hand easy. They have the most comprehensive matched betting forum on the internet, along with easy video walkthroughs and tutorials to show you exactly how to do everything.

12. Writing

Fancy your hand at copywriting, writing an e-book, blogging, or proofreading other’s work? If you’re a whiz with words then you could make money writing website copy, adverts, blog posts, and other materials that businesses need.

If you want to improve your writing and learn how to make a full-time income from it, check out the brilliant Earn More Writing course.

13. Tutoring

Do you have A-Levels and/or a degree? Use your skills to help students learn. The potential market for tutors now is huge, as the internet has opened up the market to online learning.

When I first left university I had a blast helping GCSE students with their Psychology and English exams and earned a nice £15 per hour in the process.

Now you can expect to earn around £18 – £25 per hour. You can go it alone and advertise your teaching services via word of mouth, business cards, and your own website, or you can join an agency like UK Tutors who will put you in touch with students direct.


Whatever your area of expertise or skills there are so many legitimate ways to make money from home.

Whether you’re a stay at home mom or dad, a student, retired, between jobs, or an aspiring digital nomad, you can easily make some extra money every month, or maybe even make your new side hustle into a full-time profitable career.

Have a fun side hustle to share? Do you already do any of the above, or something else that helps you make money from home? Share in the comments.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more info.

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